18 volt Makita cordless power tool & drill battery replacement
Replacement 18 volt Makita cordless power tool battery, rechargeable drill, screwdriver, impact driver and other tool batteries at low competitive price
Is your 18 volt Makita battery starting to fail, do you charge it one day and its discharged the next, then its probably time you changed it, if you have one of this vast range of tools then you already know how good they are and do not need us to tell you that the investment of a new battery is a good idea, after all you are not going to be able to buy another tool with this kind of quality, if you are a Makita cordless power tool user you are unlikely to change brand.
A question we are often asked with power tool batteries is whether it's ok to use a different amp hour battery, the answer is yes whether it be lower or higher is fine, they will all be ok for the tool and the charger, its the voltage you cannot change.br> Another query that comes up is the chemistry, the difference between NI-MH and NI-CD is very small and with today's modern battery will not be noticeable by you the end user and both should be ok to charge in your original charger.
We have tried to list the 18 volt Makita replacement battery codes below and on the following pages along with tool model codes, it is something we are continuing to update so if you cannot find yours listed please contact us and we will try to help you,