Acer laptop battery, Acer batteries for portable notebook computers, Tablets and Netbooks, Acer has been around since 1976 although known as Multitech and the strong Branding of the Acer name that we all know didnt really start until 1987, the following ten years allowed for extensive growth within the company and at the time of writing Acer ranks as number 2 in the world for notebook sales, a massive achievement.

Acer produces many computer Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Netbooks and tablets as well as many other digital products for the home and business user alike, with a vast number of models.

In 2008 there were successful mergers with Gateway and Packard bell which has given Acer the opportunity to strengthen its global position and produce hardy partnerships.

As there is such a large number of Acer laptops and batteries we have spread them out on the pages below, it may be easier to use the search button at the top of the page with the serial number or laptop model number to find the correct one, or contact us using the contacts link in the left hand Pane.