AEG PROTECT B 1500 UPS battery pack replacement

AEG PROTECT B 1500 UPS battery pack replacement

Replacement AEG PROTECT B 1500 UPS batteries, rechargeable easy to fit batteries delivered direct to your door at competitive price

Fitting the batteries on the AEG PROTECT B 1500 UPS system is quite easy, first ensure your have removed the system from the mains power and the network, there are normally two screws holding securing the front cover you will find the front cover will ease to the side, normally to the left if you are in the upright position, you will then be able to see the battery cover behind the door, then its just a matter of sliding the batteries about and swapping over the leads and reversing the order to put it back together, we would recommend that you place the new batteries along side the old ones so when you swap over the cables you do not make a mistake, you should of course refer to your owners manual for full instructions

Batteries are valve regulated and will not leak

Uninterrupted Power Supply battery Pack for
VRLA sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) are Non-spill, Non Hazardous and maintenance free. We do our best to keep our data as accurate as possible but it should only be used as a guide and you should make your own enquires as to whether these are the correct batteries for your application. These AEG batteries have a capacity of 7 AH each, as you would expect from a brand leader they are manufactured to a very high standard and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Chemistry of battery: valve regulated lead acid, VRLA, AGM
Voltage of battery: 12 Volts
Capacity of battery: 7 Amps
Battery specification table
long - 151mm
Wide - 65mm
High - 94mm

There are 4 batteries in this pack for the AEG PROTECT B 1500 UPS system

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