Alarm, patient hoist & medical battery replacement
Replacement alarm, patient hoist and medical monitoring equipment batteries, rechargeable essential mission critical batteries at low competitive price
We do a whole host of different batteries for household and business alarm systems, electric patient hoist , electric stair hoist batteries and medical equipment, many of the batteries are very similar in a lot of this kind of equipment and share a lot of characteristics
Alarms and electric powered devices have now become a essential part of life and a great help in day to day living and even more important when we need a helping hand the most
We have come a long way since the Bone saws of previous ages whose knowledge primarily come from wars where limbs had to be sacrificed with the possibility of saving a life, the problems for the poor soldier didn't stop there because if he survived the operation the next battle was getting through the Post operative period and surviving the problems that a non sterile environment can pose.
Medical knowledge has come a long way since these early times with ground breaking studies every day, many Monitors and medical equipment need battery power or vital battery backup power to serve the patient in the best way. Such medical machines are used every day in so many different ways from sealed lead acid batteries in ventilators and infusion machines to specialist scanners and medical imaging, most of this vital equipment requires a battery, some so they can work remotely and some just as a backup in case the Mains power should fail.
Browse through the categories below to find the battery for your device, you can or course contact us and we may be able to help you further, please let us know what the device is and anything written on the side of the battery to give us the best chance of locating it for you.