APC Back-UPS ES 500, BE550-UK battery replacement

APC Back-UPS ES 500, BE550-UK battery replacement
Replacement APC Back-UPS ES 500 battery pack, rechargeable easy to fit for the APC BE550-UK, save money by doing this simple job yourself

This popular system is used in many homes and offices for protection of RJ45 modem, Fax, DSL as well as battery back up power for your computer or other device.
The APC Back-UPS is 550VA and takes a RBC2 battery, no doubt your light is telling you need to replace your battery, and possibly you also have a ear piercingly uncomfortable noise ruining your day, and lets face it you have got it in place to protect your valuable equipment, so at this price do not delay and add to the shopping cart.

Like we has said earlier, the battery is easy to fit, just follow these simple steps

Shut down all the devices that you have behind the UPS, then remove from the power, unplug from the wall socket.

Turn the device on its back and you will see a small door with a button that will be clearly marked for you to depress and slide open, then tip up the case and catch the battery as it falls out, there will be two cables attached, a black and red, just put those on to the new battery, sometimes they get get dispatched with a plastic white cover, remove this first, put the battery back in the case and slide the door shut, making sure it clips back into position, and you are done, the whole job will take no more than a couple of minutes to finish.

We would recommend that your power up the UPS without any load to begin with, this gives the battery a chance to become fully charged first and resets the device.

The battery we supply is valve regulated and safe to lay on its side as is required, its also absorbed glass mat technology

Battery pack is 12 volts 7 amp hour, the size id 151 mm x 65 mm x 94 mm

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