Barcode scanner batteries, the barcode scanner is a device for reading printed barcodes, which are machine readable data, originally this was just printed lines in various widths but this has evolved into Rectangles dots and other geometric patterns.

The very first barcodes were used to mark Train carriages but didnt really become popular until they were used to automate supermarket checkouts, this helped the owners quickly recognise what was being sold and in what stores so they could quickly reorder, and speed up all sorts of ordering and movement of goods.

The only thing that was slow was putting on all these labels or Universal Product code on all the products on the supermarket floor but the food producers soon took this up and after the first UPC barcode was printed on the Wrigleys Chewing gum packs in 1974 all the others quickly followed.

The Barcode scanner reads the printed data, it uses a bright light to shine onto the printed barcode and a light sensor picks up what is reflected back from the page, just like your desk top computer page scanner, then sends this info to whatever is receiving the data and computing it.

They are used in so many places now and very adaptable, from stock control to point of sale, you will find below many kinds of battery power packs for this kind of scanner, most are portable, please browse of use the search tool top right of the page, if you require assistance please contact us using the contact page where a link can be found in the left hand pane.