Bosch 2607335533, 2607335557 replacement 14.4v battery

Bosch 2607335533, 2607335557 replacement 14.4v battery

Replacement  Bosch 2 607 335 533, 2607335533, 2 607 335 557 and  2607335557 14.4 volt rechargeable cordless power tool batteries

This battery pack is very popular and fits all the Bosch 14.4 Volt tools with the raised, normally red buttons on the side, study the picture, if your tool uses a battery like this then this is the one for you.


The 2ah battery can be used in all the Bosch tools in this range which is very large and includes cordless hand held Jigsaws, Grinder, screwdriver, impact driver, hedge trimmer and many more tools.

Later O Pack type battery pack

This battery pack replaces a lot of different Bosch battery codes there are a few listed below plus many more

2 607 335 533
2 607 335 557
2 607 335 678
2 607 335 686
2 607 335 694
2 607 335 711
BAT 038
BAT 040

The chemistry of the cells are Ni-Cd

The voltage of the power pack is 14.40 Volts

Battery Capacity 2000mAh

The AH (Amp Hour) Rating is the storage (or fuel) of the battery, the higher it is the longer the battery lasts between charges, bit like petrol in your car so a higher or lower one makes no different to the performance, just the length of time you can use the tool for.

Compatible with original chargers and OEM equipment.

Colour: Black

Bosch 2607335533, 2607335557 replacement 14.4v battery
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Now my hedge is perfectly trimmed, only problem is now keeping it that way, good battery. ...

Rated by Billy Daniels

I was very impressed by the speed of reply to my 'phone query and the subsequent service. I was nervous ...

Rated by Anthony Hales
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