Bosch AHS 41 ACCU cordless Hedge Trimmer battery

Bosch AHS 41 ACCU cordless hedge trimmer battery
Replacement Bosch AHS 41 ACCU cordless hedge trimmer battery pack, longer runtime than that of the one normally packed with electric garden tool, 14.4 volt rechargeable batteries at low price direct from the warehouse

The Bosch AHS 41 electric cordless hedge trimmer is a entry level product, it has a blade length of 410 mm and weighs approximately 2.5 kilos with 15 mm tooth opening, it is quite a popular model but because it normally only gets used the summer the batteries are often neglected the rest of the year meaning that they have a early demise, the battery normally shipped with this product is normally quite a small amp hour rate so ours offers a longer running time between charges.

We would suggest that you charge the battery fully before first use, it normally takes four or five uses and full charges before the battery will be capable of taking a full charge, we would further suggest that you charge the battery after use and before its put away, that does not mean just leave it on the charger for weeks at a time, this can do more harm than good, if indeed the hedge strimmer is dormant for long periods then you should charge the battery every six weeks so it does not lose any energy and right as rain next spring.

Our replacement battery pack will fit all of the tools in the range and fit all of the chargers, it will fit many garden cordless tool including the Bosch


charge fully before first use
 Battery Type: Ni-Cd - it is OK to replace the NI-MH batteries that you may have, it will also work with all the
Voltage: 14.4 volt
Capacity: 2000 mAh, 2 Ah, it will replace all the other amp hour versions of the battery available
Compatible with original chargers and OEM equipment.
Colour: Black

Bosch AHS 41 ACCU cordless Hedge Trimmer battery
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Good .................................................. ...

Rated by Robert Berrington

There was a bit of a delay in dispatch but worth it in the end, my Hedge has now had a good haircut and it needed it, its too hot now though to be outside to enjoy it, DOH. ...

Rated by James Alexander
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