Bosch battery BAT030 BAT 030 cordless power tool replacement

Bosch BAT030 or BAT 030, 24 volt replacement tool batteries

 Rechargeable replacement 24 volt batteries for the Bosch BAT30 cordless power tools, this battery pack fits all of the 24v tools in the range which is quite extensive, and fully compatible with all the chargers so saving you money as you can share the battery between your Bosch 24 volt tools.

 Please ensure you fully charge your  replacement Bosch BAT30 battery pack before first use, and charge before you put away, even every month or so if not in use, this will greatly assist the life of the battery and save you money.

 Popular replacement 24 volt batteries for a wide range of Bosch tools, this battery will fit all of the bosh tools with the big red buttons on the side so you can use the same battery if you are lucky enough to have a number of these tools,

BAT 030
As stated above this battery fits all the tools in this range and all the known original chargers

Type: Ni-MH

Voltage: 24.00 V

Capacity: 1500mAh

Colour: Black

We also can supply a 3.0 battery if you would prefer the heavy duty battery

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