Bosch drill battery, Bosch cordless power tool batteries
Rechargeable replacement Bosch batteries for your portable cordless drill, impact driver, saw, screwdriver and other cordless power and garden tools delivered direct to your door

Replacement Bosch batteries, battery power packs for Bosch portable cordless power tools, there have been a number of Bosch cordless power tools many of which are still going strong, much of the combined ranges share similar battery designs and are easily recognisable by them, the same battery is often used in a drill, saw, hedge trimmer, screwdriver and other cordless tools within the range. Bosch batteries for 3.6 volt, 7.2 volt, 9.6 volt, 10.8 volt, 12 volt, 14.4 volt, 18 volt and 24 volt cordless power tools.

Rechargeable Bosch battery power packs for most of the models made, the Bosch range of cordless power tool batteries are sought after because the tools are made so well, many of these older tools just keep going and we often here of people coming back to us for batteries for 20 year old tools, surely great advert for German engineering, a new battery for these old tools is a fantastic investment on various levels, a green investment in the environment as you are reusing a old tool and a investment in good build quality because we doubt you will find any of the tools available today still going as strong in 20 years time.

The Bosch name is after the founder Robert Bosch, the company was founded in Germany in 1886 but didnt adopt the Bosch name until 1937, it is a engineering and electrics company that deals with a number of products including automotive, home appliances, security systems as well as power tools and has divisions throughout the world.

There are many codes for the similar batteries in the Bosch range , use the links below to first narrow down your battery search to voltage size, then just look at the pictures for shape, if its the right voltage and looks the right shape then it will be the correct battery for you. You may want to use the search button

look for the code on the Bosch drill battery something like 2607335055 and put in in the search bar below.