Brother PJ-520, PJ-522, PJ-523, PJ-560, PJ-562, PJ-563, PocketBook, PocketBook+, PocketBook300, LB4707001, PA-BT-300, PA-BT-500 battery

Replacement rechargeable portable printer batteries these battery power packs directly replace the
LB3679-001, LB4707001, PA-BT-300, PA-BT-500, PJ-4844A
205526, PT-1501A

These rechargeable printer batteries have a residual voltage of 14.4 volts, they are made with Nickel metal Hydride cells and have a energy storage capacity of 360 milliamps

This battery power pack will be suitable for the following devices

PJ-520, PJ-522, PJ-523, PJ-560, PJ-562, PJ-563, PocketBook, PocketBook+, PocketBook300
PJ200, PocketJet 3 Printer, PocketJet 3/3 Plus, PocketJet II Printer

The chemistry of this battery is  Ni-Mh or Nickel metal Hydride

The voltage of the battery is 14.4 volts

The capacity of the power pack is 360 mAh

Colour of the casing is  Black

This battery is designed  with a capacity of 360 , it is manufactured by our ISO 9001 certified supplier to a very high standard. Please note some of our extended batteries may slightly larger to accomodate the cells and may in some cases be supplied with a back cover. As we supply a very large range of batteries we cannot always have stocks of the slower moving lines as batteries have a shelf life and we insist on quality control for our customers, which may mean slightly delayed shipment date, where this is necessary you will be advised by email.

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