Batteries for Camcorders, battery power pack for Video camera recorder, these electric devices combine the features of a video camera and a recorder and now more often than not a video player into one portable unit. Although many Smartphones and cameras are capable of recording moving pictures it is not there primary function, so a Camcorder or video camera recorder is a portable self contained device that that records video and captures movies as its first and primary function.

The early camcorders were used magnetic tape to record to via analogue signals and required much larger battery packs to keep them powered. These camcorder batteries have got smaller and smaller and power requirement have gone down with different storage media such as DVD and then hard drive and now solid state and flash memory.

The Video camera recorder has gone through a extensive technology advancement, from the early large tripod mounted cameras , then to portable ones, but only if you had a strong back to support the vast weight, through the general evolvement of digital , High definition, tapeless and 3d, modern camcorders have many advancements and computer controlled features to help and assist the end user.

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