A cordless telephone generally uses mains electricity to power the base station and rechargeable batteries to power the handsets which are charged when in their cradles, these come in various guises from simple AA or AAA batteries to more complicated bundles in nickel cadmium or Ni-Cad, Nickel metal Hydride or Ni-Mh and now Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer cells, such handsets may be matched to others around the home or office, all wirelessly speaking to each other via radio signals so you have in effect a telephone system from which you can answer and pass calls and many other features depending on the hardware. Most cordless phones use the DECT standard now days with Twin Triple and Quad packs, this just refers to the number of handsets in the bundle. The digital technology has helped provide a clearer sound and cut down on someone being able to listen in on your call, the digital revolution has also helped with many features such as conference calling.

If you use a telephone indoors the chances are its a cordless one, we can supply many rechargeable replacement batteries for portable cordless telephones. A cordless telephone uses a radio link to speak to the fixed Base set, which in turn has its cable plugged into the telephone network. It is the base station which makes a cordless phone different to a mobile phone but the difference are becoming less obvious with possibilities of cell handover, where the call mat start on a fixed cordless telephone and as the radio connection gets weaker as you travel away from it a auto handover to an assigned mobile network. This and many other advanced features are changing the way we communicate on our mobile and cordless handsets.

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