Rechargeable batteries for Global Positioning systems or GPS as the rest of us know it by whether they be mounted in your Car, boat or Hand held, Automobile Satellite Navigation or Sat Nav for short have become very popular, they all require a battery power pack unless wired directly into a powered fixed system. We supply batteries for many types of Sat Nav for Marine auto and trekking.

Satellite navigation and weather updates can be provided to your GPS from Satellites in space that circle the Earth, you need a minimum of 4 satellites in line of site to get a fix, the GPS system is maintained and provided by the United state government to anybody who has a GPS receiver , many of the receivers use a base map so your hand held device then knows where it is in the world, lays this position upon a Map and shows you what is around you on say the road plus possibly the nearest petrol station or other point of interest. Marine GPS Maps do a very similar thing and when laid over a map can show the contours on the sea bed, link this with Tide tables you can see how deep the water is.

GPS navigation systems have become common use in our environment, in cars, lorries, used in trackers to find stolen equipment in fact so many uses are now being found its hard to remember them not being there, they are even in our mobile phones.

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