Kawasaki Jet Ski, PWC battery replacement
Replacement Kawasaki jet ski battery, rechargeable PWC or personal watercraft batteries, easy to fit competitive price, be prepared this season
Its no good polishing the hull of your Kawasaki Jet Ski if you have not maintained the important bits under the cowl covering, changed oil, spark plugs filters and checked the battery is up to the job, things go wrong on the water and its up to you to minimise them, you do not know how many times you will have to try to start your engine on the waves after something has happened having a fully serviced craft on the water is just as important as your life preserver, flares and VHF radio.
You have hopefully at the end of the last season after you have done all the relevant end of year checks on your Jet Ski have removed the battery, given it a full charge and put in storage in a dry warm place, off a cold garage floor and topped up charge every three months , or maybe you have not and that why you are here looking for a battery, well at least now you know what to do at the end of this season
A fully charged 12 volt Jet ski in good order should have about 13.5 volts across the terminals, if yours does not perhaps it's time to change it rather than get caught out at sea which will at the very least ruin a perfectly good day out, summers are very short and the weekends even shorter so plan your leisure time as we are sure if you get caught out you would wish you had.
Possibly the easiest thing to do to find the correct battery for your machine is to look at the one you already have, there will be some text on it, use this to search our site or browse below and the following pages, if you need any assistance please contact us, we are only too happy to assist you
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