Kawasaki ZZ-R (EX 250 H) all years motorbike replacement battery

Kawasaki ZZ-R (EX 250 H), 250 cc, all motorcycle battery replacement

Motorbike, scooter batteries for Kawasaki

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Kawasaki ZZ-R (EX 250 H)

We do our best to keep our data as accurate as possible but it should only be used as a guide and you should make your own enquires as to whether these are the correct batteries for your application. These Kawasaki batteries have a capacity of 6 AH each, as you would expect from a brand leader they are manufactured to a very high standard, if the type is not of sealed type then activation pack will be supplied. Please check batteries before activation as they cannot be returned afterwards.

Position of vent (none if sealed type): SEALED

Voltage of battery: 12 Volts

Capacity of battery: 6 Amps

Battery Layout: 0

Battery specification table

Battery layout


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