Oneil ,550041-100, DR10, Printer Battery

Oneil  550041-100, DR10 Printer battery replacement

This battery pack will replace the ,550041-100, DR10, 

The dimenssions of the battery are 89.30x46.10x18.95 mm 

The battery type is Nickel metal hydride or Ni-Mh, this kind of battery is widely used in this kind of portable device because of its favoured power to weight ratio 

This 6v battery is designed for the Sony with a capacity of 2100 , it is manufactured by our ISO 9001 certified supplier to a very high standard. As we supply a very large range of batteries we cannot always have stocks of the slower moving lines as batteries have a shelf life and we insist on quality control for our customers, which may mean slightly delayed shipment date, where this is necessary you will be advised by email.

Battery Ni-MH

Voltage  6 Volts

Capacity  2100 milliamp

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