Panasonic LC-R122R2p, 12v sealed lead acid replacement battery

Panasonic LC-R122R2p, sealed lead acid replacement battery

Rechargeable Sealed lead acid battery pack, replacement battery for the Panasonic LC-R122R2p battery, this battery needs no maintenance often used in medical Monitoring equipment.


Please remember to charge your new Panasonic LC-R122R2p battery before first use, and always keep the charge topped up, Sealed lead batteries do not like being stored discharged, by following these simple rules it will extend the life of your new 12 volt battery pack


This kind of pack is often used in security and medical monitoring devices as well as many other applications icluding mobile devices as the battery pack is sealed.


Non spillable and maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries


Compatible replacement battery for Panasonic LC-R122R2p Valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA)

These sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) are Non-spillable, Non Hazardous and maintenance free, branded by one of the best in the business, these  batteries have a capacity of 2.1AH , as you would expect from the brand leader they are manufactured to a very high standard and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Chemistry of battery: Sealed Lead Acid

Voltage of battery: 12v

Capacity of battery: 2.1AH


Specification table

Total Height Inc Terminals
Type of Fitting
**** F1****
For more details see data sheet: Download

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