Sealed lead acid battery, valve regulated, VRLA, AGM, SLA
Replacement sealed lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM, SLA for many applications including childrens ride on toys, computer UPS battery backup, Mobility scooter, medical use and many more
Sealed lead acid batteries are the common name for VRLA batteries, the valve regulated lead acid is a rechargeable lead acid battery that does not require the regular addition of water to the cells and as a result will not vent anywhere near as much gas making them safe to use in confined spaces.

The VRLA battery or sealed lead acid battery can be used in many environments and situations that would be inconvenient to use a normal Flooded type cell battery, they are useable in hot and cold places in so many different applications, the sealed lead acid battery pack may be found in mobility scooters and wheelchairs, childrens ride on toys, Golf carts and trolley, this kind of battery is also used in medical equipment where a portable and hardy reliable power source is required for equipment that might take a bit of a bashing in the back of an ambulance or the emergency room. You will also find sealed lead acid batteries providing back up and fall over protection in computer and telecommunication suites, even in the UPS of your home office, this same technology might even power your portable heavy duty torch or car jump starter.

Most sealed lead acid batteries are of a standard size so if the one you have taken out of your mobility stair lift says it is a 12 volt 7ah battery then just pick one of those, they are of a standard size, if we can be of any further help please contact use.

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