Siemens V30145-K1310-X383, cordless phone battery

Replacement batteries for Siemens C30852D1640X1, S30852-D1640-X1, V30145-K1310-X359, V30145-K1310-X383, 55AAAHR28MX, T382 , Cordless phone battery

Rechargeable 2.4 volt battery power pack for many portable cordless phones including the Gigaset A12, A120, A14, A140, A145, A16, A160, A165, A24, A240, A245, A260, A265, AL145, AS14, AS140, AS150, Q063 and UNIVERSUM CL15, SL15

Replaces Cordless phone batteries C30852D1640X1, S30852-D1640-X1, V30145-K1310-X359, V30145-K1310-X383, 55AAAHR28MX, T382

Gigaset A12
Gigaset A120
Gigaset A14
Gigaset A140
Gigaset A140 Duo
Gigaset A140 Trio
Gigaset A140 weib
Gigaset A145
Gigaset A16
Gigaset A160
Gigaset A160 Trio
Gigaset A165
Gigaset A165 Trio
Gigaset A24
Gigaset A240
Gigaset A240 Duo
Gigaset A240 weib
Gigaset A245
Gigaset A245 Duo
Gigaset A245 weib
Gigaset A260
Gigaset A260 Duo
Gigaset A260 Trio
Gigaset A265
Gigaset A265 Trio
Gigaset AL145
Gigaset AL145 Duo
Gigaset AS14
Gigaset AS140
Gigaset AS140 Duo
Gigaset AS150
Gigaset AS150 Duo
Gigaset Q063

This battery is designed for the Siemens with a capacity of 650 , it is manufactured by our ISO 9001 certified supplier to a very high standard. Please note some of our extended batteries may be supplied with a rear cover to facilitate the greater capacity which may hinder fitting in any holders you may have. As we supply a very large range of batteries we cannot always have stocks of the slower moving lines as batteries have a shelf life and we insist on quality control for our customers, which may mean slightly delayed shipment date, where this is necessary you will be advised by email.

Battery Type is Ni-MH

Battery Voltage  2.4 volts

Battery Capacity is 650

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