SLA Rely 6FM17, sealed lead acid battery

Rely, Vision 6FM17 rechargeable 12 volt sealed lead acid battery
replacement 12 volt battery to replace the Rely or Vision 6FM17, this valve regulated lead acid battery requires no maintenance and will not spill making it suitable for portable use, delivered direct from the warehouse at low price

These batteries are valve regulated and absorbed glass mat, this means that they will not leak and suitable for mobile or portable devices, they are often seen in mobility scooters, car and van jump start packs, uninterrupted power supplies, golf trolleys and much more

If they are being fitted in equipment that require human intervention for charging then it is important to charge before first use, we would advise to charge as soon as you can after every use and if not being used for long periods then charge every four to eight weeks to keep the cells active

Valve regulated lead acid - VRLA
Absorbed glass mat - AGM
non spillable - can be used in mobile devices
Not hazardous - can be used around the home
No maintenance required

Battery Type: VRLA, Pb, AGM, sealed lead
Voltage: 12 volt
Capacity: 17 amp hour
Dimensions of the Rely and Vision 6FM17 replacement battery is
Length 181 mm
Width 77 mm
Height 165 mm

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