SLA Rocket ES4-12 WP4-12 sealed lead acid battery replacement

Rocket ES4-12, Long WP4-12 battery rechargeable 12 volt
Replacement Rocket ES4-12 and Long WP4-12 battery, rechargeable 12 volt valve regulated sealed lead AGM longer runtime batteries at low price direct from the warehouse.

These batteries are valve regulated sealed lead acid type, they will not leak and not hazardous so can be safely used indoors as well as outside and need no maintenance, they are used in a plethora of applications from electric assisted bicycles and scooters to computer battery back up uninterrupted power supplies and an extremely large list of other devices in between

  • Rocket ES4-12 battery replacement
  • Long WP4-12 battery replacement
  • Rechargeable
  • No maintenance required
  • Longer runtime

If you intend this battery to go in a device that requires outside assistance to be charged like a portable piece of equipment then we would suggest that you charge fully before first use and after each use, it is far better to charge after every use rather than run it down, it will be capable of taking far more charges that way over the course of its life and therefore last longer and save you money in the long run, also if not being used for long periods you should charge every eight weeks

Battery Type: VRLA, AGM, Pb
Voltage: 12 volt
Capacity: 4.5 Ah @ 20 Hr - longer runtime than the original
The physical size of the Rocket ES4-12 and Long WP4-12 battery replacement are
length =  90 mm
Width = 70 mm
height = 101 mm

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