Zoom 3g Wireless-N T4506 travel router replacement batteries

Zoom 3g Wireless-N T4506 travel router replacement batteries

Replacement Zoom battery pack for the 3g Wireless-N T4506 travel router and hotspot at a competitive price, buy now

If you have one of these little wireless routers you will know how good they are, they do not need to be plugged in to work as they have a battery, hence this page and you can connect many devices behind it making it a hotspot on the go, whether its in the car, caravan or boat, you can even boost the signal indoors by putting in a better spot to get a 3g signal

Replaces travel router batteries

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Zoom 3g Wireless-N T4506
as this is a travel router it may spend periods of time not being used, all rechargeable batteries will lose a certain amount of charge every day, very small amounts but they add up over the days then the months, it can easy be put back in with a charge so if your Zoom router is sitting in the cupboard waiting for the next trip then take it out of its box, make sure the battery is in the router and give it a charge, you really do want to be doing this every two months at the outside to maintain a healthy battery or you will need to replace it way before you should need to

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Voltage: 3.7 volt

Battery Capacity: 1800 milliamp

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