If you are registered as disabled or have a long term illness in the United Kingdom you may be entitled to VAT relief on purchases designed for your use, you can find more information about this on the GOV.UK website.

You do not qualify if you have a temporary disability like a broken leg or other temporary injury, nor elderly but able bodied and do not suffer from a chronic condition.


Where a mobility scooter, bath lift or other disabled product can be sold without VAT as it is adapted for this purpose, the same cannot be said about a battery, as the same battery can be used in a golf cart for example so we supply the battery and you complete a form and claim the VAT back from us, we in turn claim it back from the VAT office.

For many selected products aimed at disabled used on our website you are now able to do this live on line, in the shopping cart you make a declaration that you are entitled to the relief and it is deducted on the page so you can complete the sale.

The procedure is as follows

If a eligible product is added to the cart then a tick box and tell us more box will be available (scroll down the page to see it), do not forget to click the Submit button below it

Once completed you can finish checkout with no VAT added

If you already made your battery purchase from us without completing the online form and you are eligible then you download the form below, complete it and send it in to us, all the details are on the form

Disabled VAT relief form

Form to claim disabled VAT relief for mobility purchase, download and complete and send in to claim from us

If you are eligible for UK VAT Disabled relief you can download the form here for submission for a refund VAT paid where permissible, here is the Form which is in PDF Format

Downloand VAT relief form for completion

Once you have made your order simply send us the completed form with all the relevant details for a refund of the VAT

By completing either of the forms to obtain disabled relief you are declaring you are eligible, Please note it is an offence to make a false declaration.

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