Molicel 1821, 1821e, Survey equipment, data, scanner, Controller battery

Molicel 1821, 1821e, Molicel 1821, 1821e, Barcode Scanner Reader / Mobile Computer / data Collector

For the Molicel

Replaces Mobile Computer Batteries

EI-D-LI1, C8872A, 29518, 38403, 46607, 52031 CS-LI1SL

FITS Following Devices



This battery is designed for the Molicel with a capacity of 2000 , it is manufactured by our ISO 9001 certified supplier to a very high standard. Please note some of our extended batteries may be supplied with a rear cover to facilitate the greater capacity which may hinder fitting in any holders you may have. As we supply a very large range of batteries we cannot always have stocks of the slower moving lines as batteries have a shelf life and we insist on quality control for our customers, which may mean slightly delayed shipment date, where this is necessary you will be advised by email.

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Voltage: 7.4v

Battery Capacity: 2000

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