Recycling Batteries

Many batteries in the UK end up in Landfill at the end of their useful life, this is both damaging to the environment by exposing the ground to chemicals as the cells breakdown in the soil and a waste of a resource that could be recycled. The UK as part of the EU has a requirement to minimise this waste and has recycling partners in other countries that specialise in one type or another and together we can all help protect our world.

Where to recycle

Most Supermarkets and other stores that sell batteries along with some petrol stations , libraries, schools and other council building's will now take in portable batteries for recycling. Look out for the "Be postive Logo".

To Find out more about battery recycling visit the Defra website.

department for environment food rural affairs - website

Recycle your battery

Lead acid batteries

Disposing of The heavier Lead acid batteries as found in wheelchairs, UPS Etc in the UK. These should also not be thrown away with household waste, they can be recycled at many local waste and recycling centres, a list of these can be found here

. Again we can dispose of them for you and can arrange for collection of these heavy items in most of the UK, please add the collection to your shopping cart and we will send you a label to place on your package, please see here Battery collection service

crossed out wheeled bin

The European Union (EU) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive states that if any of our products that are within its scope should be labeled with the crossed out wheeled bin.

This means that they should not be disposed of within your household waste and they can be recycled, it is your responsibilty to dispose of correctly.

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